Buyers Guide

    Steps to Buying Your Home - The home finding process typically includes many of the following elements. I understand that buying a home is a major decision for you that can be filled with concerns. My task is to help you find a home that meets your needs and to make the home buying process efficient, stress-free and successful.  My goal is to help you find the right home. For additional information, or to get started, please contact me.

    Initial Consultation

    • Determine your needs and priorities
      Review "agency" choices and select appropriate working relationship
      Discuss financing options

    Obtain Financing

    Find a mortgage company
    Consult with a loan officer
    Complete loan application
    Obtain loan pre-approval
    Provide requested documentation

    Finding the Right Home

    Sales associate to show you properties based on your criteria
    Evaluate each property with sales associate
    Choose the right home

    Preparing an Offer

    Review comparable sales to determine offer price
    Review progress of loan pre-approval; decide on financing
    Decide on other terms (inspections, possession date, personal property, etc.)
    Prepare earnest money deposit

    Reaching an Agreement with a Seller

    Present your offer
    Negotiation of terms and possible counteroffers
    Agreed-upon sales contract with seller

    Completing the Settlement Process

    Deposit of earnest money
    Review seller's property disclosures
    Review preliminary title report
    Roof, termite and other inspections
    Remove any remaining contingencies
    Arrange for homeowners insurance
    Arrange for home warranty
    Arrange for movers
    Final walk-through of property with sales associate
    Provide balance of down payment and closing costs
    Sign Documents

    Loan Funding

    Obtain Financing
    Property appraisal
    Loan processing
    Final loan approval
    Recording of title
    Receive keys from sales associate
    Move in!


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